sketch for a radio show, dreamt up together with Perch

Ladies Love Salad

A food & gender issue programme that’s a mouthful

Regular topics

Pickled Egg Time

A special report from our own correspondent who ventures into various takeaway outlets in London and interviews the punters and the owners. We would look at couples who met in kebab shops, what a jar of white powder is actually doing on a shelf in a Chinese takeaway, which trendy East London chippie offers segregated seating for low and high paying customers and more.

Cheap date

Our fearless reporter goes on cheap dates (under a fiver per person) with strange men or women to show how you needn’t spend half your wage to impress someone you don’t know. Ideas include such delights as wine at a water bus stop, climbing over the fence of Highgate Cemetery to see the graves of famous commies and picnics on rooftops accessible by fire escape ladders. The potential match will rate the experience and you can pick up tips for your own hot date.

Main serving

Presenters: Head Chef and the Kitchen Boy.

We will discuss the gender-related issue de jour while cooking up a vegetarian feast from scratch.
The discussion will be on such topics as membership of golf clubs.

The dishes prepared will be at a cost of no more than £5 for two people, and will range from black-eyed bean curry to to yoghurt-cucumber soup. We will explain how to make your own halloumi, to prepare liquors, to use up leftovers.

Dear Venison

Richmond Park Deer answer food and gender-related problems. Often at the same time.

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