The Howling House

This is my homepage, which means that here you can find my poetry, prose, lists and verbal vomit presented in an inconsequential and bewildering manner. Because now that I'm an adult, I don't have to tidy my room anymore.

Love, Pike M

what's new?

  1. My partner got the tape deck working. I've got lots of jazz and the cassette tapes are really fun to play. I'm going to get rid of The Smiths because Morrissey with his shit politics has ruined the music. Which will free up space for something worthy.
  2. I've updated the 404 page with the appropriate Italian hand gesture.
  3. Added a new page to list books that I re-read over and over again.
Disclaimer: this site may contain adult content, languages other than English and photographs of my teeth. I'll try and prewarn you where I can. Like here. Pike, Tosspot and Djamal

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