The Howling House

This is my homepage, which means that here you can find my poetry, prose, lists and verbal vomit presented in an inconsequential and bewildering manner. Because now that I'm an adult, I don't have to tidy my room anymore.

Love, Pike M

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  1. Like everyone else during the quarantine, I've been cycling about a little. It's nice. Wish I had a cycling friend. Someone who rides an old tin can, hates lycra
    and doesn't ever leave me behind. One would be enough. Someone once told me: "group cycling is like group sex: it sounds like fun until you end up crying in
    the corner."
  2. Added in an old poem in Lithuanian. Have a lot of writing, but should probably keep all the good stuff to send places first. I hope this site doesn't get crawled
    by Google but you never know.
  3. Updated the book page with some new reads.
Disclaimer: this site may contain adult content, languages other than English and photographs of my teeth. I'll try and prewarn you where I can. Like here. Pike, Tosspot and Djamal

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