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Update: switched to a largely whole-food vegan diet in June 2020. Cooking has changed a lot so will have to update this page.

Here I will add recipes that I liked, so they can be easily accessed for when I'm panicking in the kitchen. My best cookbook is by Rose Elliot. I stole it from the library in 2008. I feel bad about it, but it has been with me ever since and I have cooked from it at least once a week. If Europe: A History is the house bible, Rose Elliot's book is the A-to-Z (who still remembers what an AtoZ is?).


Title Author Notes
Asian vegetable broth Jamie Oliver, nobody's favourite I use 1l of stock.
Beetroot soup Rose Elliot, the patron saint of cooks Recipe in the book. Don't add extra beetroot
Pea and leek soup Timothy Duffy, a guardian reader If cooking for 1, use less than half the peas or you will eat this until Christmas. Instead of prosciutto? I've used smoked salt, smoked almonds, smoked crumbly farmhouse cheese, etc.
Sour cucumber soup 7 Ravioli,my favourite Lithuanian cook except for mother I use veg stock instead of bone broth and fry a chopped onion first. Add three potatoes and one carrot, cubed. Add 1/3 of a mug of (pearl) barley, one bay leaf, pour in the stock (one litre I think). Salt and pepper. 10 mins later add two or more sour cucumbers, finely cubed. Asda sells sour cucumbers, so do Eastern European shops.


Name Author Notes
Thai salad Nobody, had something like that in a cafe in Chiang Mai Rice noodles, chilli, lime, peanuts, fresh mint, soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, pepper, tofu, cucumber. I fry the tofu, slice cucumber and pepper, toast the peanuts. Cook the rice noodles by pouring some boiling water over (you want really fine vermicelli type noodles). Made a dressing of fish sauce (if using), soy sauce, finely chopped mint, a pinch of sugar, lime juice and finely chopped chilli. Mix the lot.
Vegetarian salade ni├žoise Rose Elliot, glory to thy name Recipe in the book. Half the amounts though, it's bloody massive.

Bread and pastry

Name Author Notes
Ploughman's lunch no one owns the ploughman's lunch but it's still the best lunch. Has to contain: bread and cheese. May contain: chutney, pickles, radishes, fig/apple/date butter, spring onions, a bottle of beer/cider, tomatoes, cucumber.
Grilled tomatoes, aubergine with mozzarella. With bread. Rose Elliot, the one and only Recipe in the book. Cut aubergine thicker and roast instead of grilling (my grill is shit). Have with baguette and salad.
Vegetable pie Bryony Bowie, a guardian reader Basically, dump any veg you have inside a pie.

Pasta & dumplings

Name Author Notes
Abriedukai Taip Norejau, although it's classic Lithuanian dish A sort of Lithuanian gniocchi con patate? Boil 300g of potatoes, mash them. Add one egg, a pinch of salt, mix. Add around 375g of flour, mix. Dough shouldn't be hard, but shouldn't stick to your hands either. Divide the dough into parts, roll each part into a long thin sausage. Chop it into bite sized pieces. Take each piece and roll it down the side of a box grater, pressing down with a thumb. It should get an indentation, which looks pretty and allows the sauce to stick to it later. Dust with flour when needed. Boil pieces for 7-10mins. To make the sauce, pick and cook together any of the following: sour cream, fried onions, melted butter, mushrooms, lardons/pancetta. I make double the amount of abriedukai and freeze half. They freeze well unlike fucking vegetables which are mushy and disgusting upon thawing.
Chinese dumplings I don't remember what recipe I used But basically it's a mix of flour and hot (but not boiling) water, which allows you to roll the dough paper thin. I stuff them with a vegetable mix I cook ahead, or ricotta, or whatever. Make double the amount, freeze half. Good steamed, steamed and fried, boiled, baked, etc.
Kale & cashew pasta A "full time blogger". Self-explanatory. A good recipe, although I rarely use it because I can't put up with that site. It breaks me out in hives.
Pasta al pomodoro Felicity Cloake. Formerly Perch's favourite, recently demoted. 360g is way too much pasta. I prefer to just make the sauce and boil some pasta for each meal. A serving of 70g (dried weight) works well for me.


Name Author Notes
Favourite potato mash Perch Mash potatoes with tahini, mix in edamame beans. Lots of protein and the house smells amazing.

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