I'm going to just leave this under construction. Work doesn't work. And I can't spell 'bollocks'.

January 2021: I have been thinking a lot about the elusive 'job satisfaction' and 'professional fulfilment'
and I have a bad feeling that the only way forward could be to start a church. It would not have dogma, homophobia, Bible
study and you-know-what. But it would have candles, good acoustics and silent contemplation. It would also have bells and
triangles of various sizes, ambient sounds, herb gardens. Maybe it could be in a church building, but instead of the pews
there would be rugs and cushions. Sometimes it would have jazz concerts and sometimes it would have ska gigs. Sometimes we
would just sit around making and consuming endless amounts of toast. Everyone could shelter from the storm. What would it be
called? A Church of no Creed, perhaps.

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