a Brexit song, unfinished

Brexit shambles flip it like a pancake
You cannot lay an egg
That's already scrambled
Shiny if grimy, foul but fair
You're a decent bloke, mark your X right there
Brexit fail spin it like a tale
Make a decision, here, decision made
You can go far, even catch your tail
Make it up, juice it down and pack it up with kale
Brexit boring give it back to Tories
Piss it all up the wall then go back to snoring
Shocker winner winner fried chicken dinner
Turns out minions got some opinions
Brexit basics show us what you're made of
A blond wig left behind when the bacon faded
Patriot booby prize for those looking sullen
You can have your passport in a different colour
Brexit chaos vanishing mayors
Bake this flaky pastry and butter up the layers
There is a dumb drum to make the poor folk come
Walk them out of London and get them legless drunk
Brexit deadlock make the leaky boat rock
National treasure secure it with a padlock
Amend the agenda, make it never ending
Can we has seven referenda?
Brexit, blimey, run for warmer climates
This talk was not a good talk, let's have another try now

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